Dr. Laura DeCesaris

Dr. Laura DeCesaris
8952 E. Desert Cove Ave, Ste 212
Scottsdale 85260
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  • I am a functional medicine practitioner + clinical nutritionist, and I approach health and wellness by looking at the physical, biochemical, and mental aspects of our health and well-being.
  • High-performing women have a unique set of stressors that impacts their health and performance.  Many are running companies while also managing households and trying to enjoy the free time they work so hard for.  Nothing is more frustrating than feeling exhausted and burnt out after the work week!
  • I want to help women streamline their career success by supporting their bodies and brains! By using personalized wellness strategies, rather than getting caught up in the latest self-care trend on TikTok, women can learn it’s easier than they think it is to feel more than just “okay” – to really thrive, perform, and excel!
  • Ambitious women won’t find success with cookie cutter approaches.  You’re not like everyone else, so why would a general approach to your health work for you? You require a level of fine-tuning most people will never understand, because you simply want more for yourself in life.  My job is to help you find YOUR unique blueprint for success, based on your body and your goals!
  • I work with women virtually all over the world.  I offer both group mini-mastermind programs and 1:1 options to meet your needs.  I also offer coordination of care between your doctors, coaches, etc. so that you don’t have to waste time repeating yourself, and so everyone on your team can provide you the support you need.


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