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Join our Instagram community and spread our message if it aligns with you and the impact you are trying to make.
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You aren’t alone

Creating your impact can feel overwhelming and lonely. There are messages everywhere about what you should be doing, how you should do it & how it should feel amazing and easy the entire time. Impact Ignited fights against this norm and is a community where women get to burn the pile of should to make their impact on their terms.

Not sure if this community is for you?Β 

This community defines “impact” broadly. If you are a woman and want to find a 9-5 that aligns with the purpose in your soul – you belong. If you are a woman and you want to host a podcast or write a book/blog or be a speaker – you belong. If you are woman who wants to start a business – you belong. Basically, we support you ignite the impact that you were born to create. And we let you define what that impact is.

How can we support you?

Our Instagram community is incredibly active so one simple way to connect and get support is by following along & joining our discussions there. We also offer free virtual coffee dates every Saturday at 11am EST. This is your place to show up, be YOU, support other women & get support in a casual way all while sipping your favorite morning beverage. You can sign up to get your invite here. Finally, stay tuned on our Instagram page and our website to learn about upcoming mentorship and other support opportunities.

Are you ready to ignite the impact you were born to create?

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