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A Little About Jessica Bargenquast

For most of my life I felt invisible. Do you ever feel like people don’t see you or don’t listen to what you have to say? That is how I felt 90% of the time growing up and into adulthood. But this would literally show up in my life. People would LITERALLY walk into me because they didn’t see me or talk over me because they couldn’t hear me. A bird flew into my face once, my partner steps on my toes all the time because he doesn’t see them?! Seriously, some times I thought I was LITERALLY invisible.

This story of invisibility would continue to play out in my life until I finally started my path on self improvement…Shocking news, this all stems from my childhood!

I lost my older brother in a freak accident when I was 8. If he was found just minutes earlier he would have survived. I was supposed to be with him that day but decided to go to a friends house instead, I could have prevented his death. I carried this guilt with me for over 20 years.

Because of this moment in time I decided that I had to pick up the pieces and be the perfect child for my parents. I stayed out of the way and made myself unseen until my services were needed. Overnight I became the oldest child, and felt I needed to take on new responsibilities. I became an adult at 9.

My entire life I stayed out of the way and stayed quiet, it’s all I knew.

I’ve always envied those who could just stand up and talk in-front of any number of people. I’m obviously an introvert, like a hardcore introvert. The only time I’ve ever become an extrovert is while drinking and let’s face it that’s just not sustainable.

I can go on and on with examples of how I’ve been overlooked my entire life and how I used those experiences as excuses for being overlooked, undervalued, and overshadowed. It wasn’t until I turned 30 that I really took back my life and learned some tools to re-frame my mindset. So many people talk about a single moment that changed everything. I’m not sure I have a single moment as I’ve had an accumulation of experiences -good and bad – that have shaped everything I have become. 

When you’ve taught yourself to be invisible it’s no surprise that you also have zero confidence. It’s been a journey over the past few years to gain confidence in myself and learn to be consistent and take action. For those of you that are still not there I GET IT! Trust me, it’s not an easy road and it’s hella uncomfortable most of the time (but in a good way).  This is a muscle I have been building the past few years and at the age of 34 I can finally get on a video and promote myself and my business!

I didn’t see movement in my business until I finally started saying YES to things that made me uncomfortable. I don’t know what made me do it but I think I just reached a breaking point and was fed up with myself for playing small and making excuses but I saw on Instagram that a photographer I admired was starting a test group and to join you had to apply and talk about yourself – the group was all about taking action. I knew inside me I had to do this. I applied and I was in! From there I just started saying yes and showing up. I started engaging more on social with people I thought would never interact with me…and then one day @llindseyschwartz followed me on Instagram and I about lost my shit. Seriously I did see screenshots below. 

Truly connecting with someone I admired changed the game for me. I was finally being seen and heard! From there I’ve learned to invest in myself, say yes and take consistent action. I am seeing the results and I couldn’t be happier!

My advice to you is to say yes to that thing you know deep down you wish you could do. When you get that pit in your stomach, sweaty palms and all over nerves…that’s your intuition telling you to say yes. It doesn’t mean it will be easy but it will 100% be worth it.

From my story of invisibility Lady ChangeMakers was born. I wanted to create something that would shine a spotlight on women everywhere. I wanted to create a community and platform where women can be easily supported. Read more about Lady ChangeMakers below! 


Why I started lcm

 This platform was created to amplify exposure for women-owned businesses so they can connect with the women who are searching to support them, allowing these lady bosses to further their impact on the women who otherwise would have never found them.

This movement brings women to the forefront. I’ve struggled in the past to easily find women-owned businesses to support, they were just not easily accessible when I needed them. And in this digital age it shouldn’t be so difficult to find ways to support women-owned businesses.

I have a lofty goal of creating a community, movement and curating products and services from women all in one place so that anyone can easily support women-owned businesses.

I am so excited that you have come here and I hope that you take this journey with us in lifting up all of the amazingly talented women out there.

If you have a great business story I would love to hear it, and maybe feature you through our channels. Send me your story below!

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