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Welcome to this revolutionary platform that supports women-owned businesses. Lady ChangeMakers was created to support ALL women. To be included in this directory all you need to be is a lady who has something offer to a community or a woman-focused business. If you’re wondering weather or not you belong here the answer is most likely YES you do!

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83% of women want to support women-owned businesses but 62% don’t know where to find them. I am included in that stat! And that is why I created Lady ChangeMakers.Β 

I used to get so frustrated with figuring out how to better support women-owned businesses. I would save them in my Instagram feed and then totally forget about them. There had to be a better way to support women than saving IG posts!

Lady ChangeMakers is an online directory for women-owned businesses. This platform amplifies exposure for women-owned businesses so they can connect with the women who are searching to support them, allowing these lady bosses to further their impact on the women who otherwise would have never found them.

If you have a business that’s woman-owned, or a woman hustler, entrepreneur, or any kind of lady with something to share make sure to submit your business listing today!

Lady ChangeMakers is now an app! Make sure to head to the home page on your mobile device and select Download App on the pop-up banner. Now you can have hundreds of women in your pocket, how cool is that!?


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Just wanted to say thank you for creating this directory. I've been spending some time on it each day to pick out Christmas gifts for my family. I love that I get to find meaningful gifts for everyone & the opportunity to support another woman 🧑

Brittany L

Directory has been a game-changer. I don't know how no one thought of this before. It is genius! And the community that she is building - there's nothing like it!

Erica Grace, Author of Great Like You!

Thank you for creating an easy platform to find women businesses!

Bethany founder Crackers and Soup

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